Soul Retrival

Therapy for the Soul
My Sacred Feathers
A life-changing therapeutic process sourced in the spirit world, which magnifies vibrationsand celebrates the soul’s inherent knowledge.
Do You. . .
  • Feel stuck in old unproductive, unfulfilling patterns?
  • Have low energy levels and trouble concentrating?
  • Ever feel like you don’t really belong here?
  • Find that you have less in life than you want?
  • Wonder what your purpose is here on earth?
  • Long to connect with your Higher Self?
Why Therapy for the Soul?
Your body cells record memories of everything you have ever experienced. Your soul carries memories, from one life to the next. Sometimes, these memories create negative and limiting beliefs which manifest themselves in your life, cauling pain and distress.
Therapy for the Soul Enables You to. . .
  • Access the memories held by your body’s cells
  • Access the unlimited memories held by your soul
  • Identify the sources of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain
  • Heal that pain through a sacred therapeutic process
  • Develop new and expanede beliefs which immediately begin to manifest positively in your life
With Therapy for the Soul, You Can Begin To. . .
  • Find your purposes in life
  • Live your life with meaning
  • Focus your energies
  • Honor your Higher Self
  • Experience new joy and fulfillment
What Happens During a Session?
We begin with a polarity balance, which aligns the flow of your energy field with that of the Earth’s. This allows us to access clear and accurate information stored in your soul’s memory banks. Answers are retrieved from your soul’s memory through logical “yes – no” questions, and the origins of your problems are identified, released and cleared.
You are fully alert, aware, and a full participant throughout the session. The process is gentle, safe, uplifting, empowering, and immediately effective.
A session takes two to three hours. Issues are fully and permanently cleared in one to two sessions. The achievements of those sessions are life enhancing.
Therapy for the Soul Can Help Heal. . .
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Destructive life patterns
  • Physical ailments and imbalances
  • Dissatisfaction with work
  • Money issues
  • Past life experiences
  • Spirit attachments
  • Spiritual alienation