Postural Alignment

Symmetry Structural Alignment is a program designed to provide a permanent fix, not a short term intervention. It is a completely natural remedy used for chronic pain due to injury, genetic abnormalities and poor posture resulting from the pervasive sedentary lifestyle we lead and repetitive movements. All of these things have led to structural misalignment. This program is tailored for “your” individual needs as no two bodies are alike. Although you may be experiencing pain in your shoulder, other body parts have been compensating for months or years creating weakness and pain. This causes more than one area of misalignment. Unlike physical therapy, Symmetry treats the entire body not just the area of pain.

There is no fancy expensive equipment to purchase and no medications to take for this program.

How does it work? Chronic pain is not a bone problem, but a muscular one. So how do we get the bones back into their correct alignment? Symmetry does this by retraining the structural muscles that are responsible for holding the bones in their proper place. This system measures twenty one boney landmarks using calipers. The measurements include feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and neck. Then a series of exercises are assigned that are done twice daily (upon awakening and just before going to bed if this is possible). Exercises usually take 15-20 minutes to complete. Symmetry sessions are every two weeks for four months. Measurements are taken during each meeting and the exercises will vary depending upon the caliper readings. After the four month program has been completed, maintenance involves performing some of the exercises several times a week to keep the body in proper alignment. You do this by rotating through the exercises you did during the program.

Progress through the program and success with Symmetry is entire up to you. Diligence pays off. If you are willing to commit to doing the exercises, you “will” see results and enjoy the rest of your life pain free.

How simple it is to do Symmetry exercises to change your life.

Extremes: "Throw moderation to the winds and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains."