Herbal Facial

Experience a healing holistic herbal facial drawn from Ancient Eastern Traditions that include 2 exclusive herbal masks. The first mask includes 19 fresh Chinese herbs that are decocted over 2 hours, and then applied gently to the face with a facial towel that is saturated with the active herbal ingredients. The feeling is of warmth and stimulation of the skin while the body relaxes. The mask firms, lifts and hydrates your skin while stimulating facial cell regeneration. Creases and lines are diminished and the herbal mask will help control excess oil production or dryness, even acne and skin discolorations. It evens out skin tone and the face will look refreshed and glowing. The second mask is a brightening, tightening herbal mask applied to exfoliate the face to aid in the removal of dead cells and to destroy free radicals, giving you a youthful glow. A massage of the arms and legs is included to increases detoxification and regeneration of body while the mask dries. Then the skin is cleansed, toned, moisturized with herbal Jade serums that are applied after the both masks using all natural skin care products by Jadience Herbal Formulas.

Attention to every detail means that gua sha or mico current will be applied to the face to treat areas of concern such as creases and lines around the eyes and mouth. A jade roller finishes off the treatment as a final step to beautifying the skin. Why jade? For centuries the royal families of Eastern Asia have used finely ground jade powder for its “magical” properties for purifying, healing and beautifying. All skin care products used during your herbal facial contain ground jade. Now you can experience it for yourself.



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