Treatment of Pain

Types of Therapeutic Massage

All massage is adapted to each person’s specific muscular imbalance

  • Trigger Point Massage: A technique that focuses on areas of the body that helps release pain and stagnation due to a lack of energy flow. May consist of light to heavy pressure. Stretching, Acu-Pressure and passive range of motion are included in this therapy.

  • Tui Na: A Chinese technique that activates energy channels to help relieve pain and inflammation in joints and tendons. May be experienced with or without oil.

  • Circulatory/Swedish: Long and short strokes applied with medium to light pressure to increase circulation and relaxation.

  • Deep Tissue-Sports: Firm pressure applied to areas of concern.

  • Chair: Done in professional massage chair. When time is a problem, this is an ideal technique for relaxation and relief of stress and pain. It can even be done in the work place. It is focused mainly on the upper body and is usually 20-30 minutes in length.

Massage for Preventative Health

Massage may be used for preventing injury, illness and increasing mobility after physical pain has occurred. Since it reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves circulation, regular massage is a natural way to keep the body healthy and detoxified. Acupuncture combined with massage is highly beneficial for treatment of pain. Make massage a part of your health routine and feel better today.

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