Diane Bousquin

Licensed Acupuncturist


Diane is a nationally certified, California board licensed practitioner in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. In her ten years of practice, she has developed special interests and expertise in Orthopedics, Functional Medicine, Cold Laser Therapy and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols. Master Tung’s Magic Points acupuncture technique has recently been incorporated into her practice with impressive results in her patients. Diane’s training in nutrition has led her to explore a variety of dietary lifestyles. Her approach focuses on detoxification with dietary suggestions and herbal supplements. Diane’s practice offers a whole body alternative to healing and good health.

Diane’s passion for nutrition and health began when she was in her early teens. Her interest was largely influenced by an older brother who kept current on the latest research in nutrition and exercise. “I was fascinated by my brother’s knowledge and aspired to pursue a career as a nutritionist.” She received her degree from San Diego State University in Nutrition and Food Science. After graduation she worked in a hospital as a clinical nutritionist for five years. During this time Diane became quite ill. As her illness progressed, she found that western doctors could not identify the real cause of her mysterious illness. Tests showed inconclusive results and there was no diagnosis to fit her condition. At the recommendation of a friend, she decided to see an acupuncturist. “During the course of several weeks, this natural approach began to put my body in balance as the medical community was unable to do. Chinese medicine did wonders for me not only in terms of diminishing my symptoms, but also in changing my outlook on health and medicine forever.” Within several years, Diane was enrolled full- time in acupuncture school at Pacific College of Oriental medicine in San Diego.

Diane’s four year education studying acupuncture included a two year internship with leading Sports Injury Specialist and Acupuncturist Matt Callison (2001-2003). In this clinic, Diane treated professional athletes, as well as students and the general public. In her practice, Vital Changes Acupuncture and Nutrition, Diane’s sports medicine treatment services combine acupuncture, structural alignment exercises, cold laser therapy, myofacial release and PNF stretching.

In addition to sports medicine, Diane’s has specialized training in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture protocols, as well as acupuncture treatments for general health conditions and prevention of disease. Her most recent training (2012-2013), Master Tung’s Magic Points, revolutionized the way she performs acupuncture. This technique is highly effective and Diane uses it almost exclusively in her practice.

Diane has recently become interested in treating disease in relation to toxicity. Due to the kinds of foods and chemicals consumed, humans have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness, decay and degeneration of cells. After extensive study and adhering to a strict detoxification program herself, Diane personally experienced detoxification’s healing benefits. Diane attended all of Apex Energetic Functional Medicine seminars covering Functional Medicine and Hormone Health. Affordable blood and saliva testing is offered in her office.

For more information about Diane’s services go to www.vitalchanges-an.com.

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